Petition to Protect Doddis Beach Progresses


Robert Point - Blue Bay: An idyllic spot for summer relaxation. Unfortunately, in January 2023, behind this view is a seriously eroded beach and dune system!

UPDATED 24 January 2023

The petition to Protect Doddis Beach was presented to the City of Mandurah Council meeting by Cr Ryan Burns last night on 23rd January 2023 and it was unanimously accepted by Council! A total of 1,142 signatures were collected from local residents in support of the petition.

Doddis Beach Petition Progress Update 2

Thank you to the many local Mandurah residents who have for joined our voice and petition for better beach management and protection for Doddis Beach and Robert Point in Halls Head.

We have had a tidal wave of support with over 750 signatures so far. That's a huge amount and we are very grateful for your help and feedback.

Not only that, we are about to make history in presenting the City of Mandurah its SECOND ever electronic petition which you can find at It's certainly been a learning curve for all involved!

Save the Date!

We will be presenting the petition next week!

Tuesday 24th January at 5.30pm in Council Chambers.

Please pencil the date on your calendar and please attend to show your support.

Your presence on the night will show that our Mandurah community cares deeply about Robert Point and Doddis Beach and are concerned about the beach management and coastal erosion of our Halls Head beaches.

We're in the Newspapers

The Mandurah Mail published a great article about the Doddis Beach Petition last week (pg 7, Thurs 12 January) and The Coastal Times will have an article on the petition in tomorrow's paper!  

The Coastal Times also published an article titled:  
Petition urges council to help battle coastal erosion on popular Mandurah beach 
online at their PerthNow website on 18 January 2023.

Also, check the Letters to the Editor. I know of one resident that has written in to the newspaper about the state of Doddis Beach.

All this publicity helps to draw awareness to the issues of coastal erosion and the need for the Halls Head beaches to managed better.

Doddis Beach Logo

Protect Doddis Beach logo was designed by a local resident and surfer, Heather from @WaveHeartCreative:

Reasons for Signing the Petition to Protect Doddis Beach

Over the summer holidays, we met hundreds of people on the beach and along the foreshore. We heard your stories and connections to the beach, and the love you have for it. This feeling is summarised in the reasons for signing the petition that supporters have jotted down when signing the online petition.

Some of the comments include:

I care about our local coastline & action should be taken sooner rather than when it’s too late.

Lynda Sunley

I support this petition because I have lived in Mandurah for over 40 years and have seen the degradation of the dunes over the years. There are houses near Roberts Point and are at risk in the future

Geoff Tarbin

We walk our dogs indoors it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get onto the beach

Adam Westwood

The access to the beach is unsafe & has been like this since the storm in the Winter 2022 , i have many photos , the stairs were washed away in front of 24 Hallshead parade & haven’t been made safe or replaced . The seaweed is not controlled, smelly & you can’t access the ocean , it could be recycled into compost quite easily.

I am signing this petition for action to make Halls head beautiful again 

Liz Field

I have seen changes over the years at Blue Bay beach down to Doddis. Please do something.

Adi De Sousa

Action needed yesterday.

by Glenys Dean

The Petition for Roberts Point and Doddis Beach is Closing

We will close the the beach front petition and online petition on Sunday 22nd January 2023 at 1pm.

If you have family and friends who would like to sign, our schedule this week, depending on fine weather, is:
Tuesday 17th:   9-11am
Thursday 19th: 9-11am
Friday 20th:      8am-12pm, pending on numbers
Saturday 21st:   8-10am
Sunday 22nd:   7am-1pm

As usual, we will be under the shady tree opposite Tods Cafe in Halls Head.

If a person is unable to sign on location, please ask them to consider the online petition, using their MANDURAH postcode: sign here

Until our next update, we look forward to seeing you around the beach and, if not before, at the presentation to Council.

Pamela and I sincerely thank all the Doddis Beach petition supporters. A number of people are collecting signatures and helping in other ways. It's wonderful to see the interest and have your encouragement and help.

Feel free to share this post with others and forward it on or reply with any comments or feedback. Thank you!

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