Living a Sustainable Life Should be Simple

Simple Steps to Living Sustainable Lives

The simple steps to living a sustainable life can be adopted by everyone whether you live solo, in a family, or work in a small or large company! We can all make a difference!

This is where the EarthMAD name came from. It’s an acronym for our belief that Everyone Acting Responsibly Today Helps Make a Difference.

Taking the very first step is often the hardest but living sustainable will soon become a mindset and way of life once the green living journey starts.

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As a parent, scientist, and mother of three sons, I feel the urgency of the eco crisis that we are facing and the growing concerns of parents about the environment. Mothers and fathers all over the world are increasingly anxious for the planet and their children’s future.

Our Sustainable Living Journey 

The problem is that the need to embrace sustainable living has become increasingly critical, yet many families feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. That's why I am committed to helping families in adopting healthier, low-tox, and sustainable lifestyles.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in earth science and natural resources, and fuelled by a profound passion for sustainability, I established EarthMAD to support parents in implementing responsible and environmentally conscious practices.

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Our KISS Principle: Keep it Simple and Sustainable!

Living Sustainable KISS:
Keep it Simple and Sustainable!

Using a version of the KISS Principle, we can “Keep it Simple and Sustainable!" In fact, living a sustainable life doesn't need to be complex or hard! Isn't that great!? 

Our sustainable living blog advocates that the easier and more uncomplicated our sustainable lifestyle choices are, the more that these our green living changes will stick. The KISS approach makes everything much better for all of us and the planet!

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Sometimes we may catch ourselves wishing for simpler times. Our granny may have shared stories about life back in the "good old days". People cooked home grown food, sewed new clothes out of scraps of fabric when necessary and mended old, naturally recycled and reused materials, and cleaned with a bucket of water and a whole lot less toxic chemicals.

Back to Living Sustainably

It may be nostalgia but it seems that, while family life may have been physically hard, there was something very special about the slower and simpler, more sustainable life.

People connected in real places and in real time. 

Living sustainably is a little like going back to our granny’s time but in a modern sense. Of course, we can set the dial as much or as little as we wish. The key is to stick to the KISS principle and make small, gradual changes that our family can adopt and that will stay with us.

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Sustainable Living Resources

EarthMAD provides an array of resources, tips, and guides to living a sustainable life.

Together, we can navigate the complexities of modern living and embrace sustainable practices that reduce waste, limit plastic usage, and minimize our carbon footprint. By steadily and gradually making lifestyle changes, and building on these, step by step our families will start to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Go Mad and Make a Difference

When we look at the state of the planet, it’s hard not to be angry about the climate crisis and environmental destruction happening before us. Let’s take that energy and channel it into positive actions to truly make a difference for our planet.

Don’t get Angry! Go MAD and Make a Difference

By taking collective action, and even a few small steps and changes, I firmly believe that we will make a tangible difference for our families and our future.So, don’t get angry! Just go MAD, as in EarthMAD, and make a difference today!

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Let's embark on this transformative journey together to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Join us at EarthMAD for tips, advice and guides to sustainable living!  I look forward to getting to know you!