Doddis Beach Petition in Mandurah Accepted! - Progress Update #4

Smiles All Round for Supporters of Doddis Beach Petition

We have GREAT NEWS! This week, on Tuesday 24th January 2023, Council unanimously accepted the Doddis Beach Petition on Robert Point and Doddis Beach. Councillor Burns presented the Petition and a formal response will be prepared in reply. We hope to see some action soon with a final report due in upcoming months.

Over 1100 Supporters for Halls Head Coastal Erosion Petition

The Doddis Beach Petition closed with a whopping 1,142 signatures and 280 of these were signed online at All signatures were accepted by Council.

We did experience problems with and I appreciated the Council's assistance with the receiving of the signatures from that platform.

Thankyou for Your Support for the Cause to Protect Doddis Beach

We had a good turn out to the Council meeting in support of the Doddis Beach Petition with about 20 residents attending. It was great to see and we appreciate the effort to get there. Our group made quite an impression with our "Protect Doddis Beach" badges.

Residents being there showed to Council that we are deeply concerned about the management of Robert Point and Doddis Beach and its apparent degradation. It put human faces to the issue and showed the level of concern and distress that the deterioration of our beach is causing.

Following the presentation of the petition to Protect Doddis Beach, we managed to get a photo of some of the residents leaving the meeting. Everyone was happy that the Petition was unanimously accepted by Council.

Doddis Beach Petition Supporters at Mandurah Council

Our Public Statement About Concerns for Doddis Beach and Robert Point in Halls Head

At the same City of Mandurah Council meeting, we made a Public Statement to Council about our concerns on the coastal erosion and degradation occurring at Robert Point and Doddis Beach. The statement outlined our concerns at Robert Point and for the nearby Halls Head beaches from Blue Bay through to Doddis.

The Public Statement to Council about Residents' Concerns for Doddis Beach and Robert Point is reprinted below:

"Good evening Mayor, Councillors, Council staff and guests.

Thank you for the opportunity to present our concerns about the coastal erosion of Robert's Point and Doddis Beach on behalf of a group of concerned residents in the Old Halls Head and wider Mandurah area.

We have gathered nearly 1200 signatures on our petition which calls for urgent attention and repair of the access ways at Roberts Point, greater budget and staff priority for the care and management of this fragile dunal area, and an independent scientific review of the coastal care program.

We have found a groundswell of agreement that the beach is deteriorating. Our community believe that Robert Point and Doddis Beach is a valuable community asset that is being negatively impacted by increasing, rapid erosion, which is affecting access and safety.

We have asked the Council to prioritise this area, provide regular communication and consultation with local residents, and actively engage with the community in the CHRMAP process. Additionally, we have requested an independent scientific review of the coastal care program to address the impact of the dredging operation on the beach area and to explore alternative ways to manage the channel opening that may have less environmental impact on the surrounding areas.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to Council committing to and addressing these important community concerns and improving the management of Doddis Beach and Robert Point.

Given the level of community concern, we believe that a formal response from Council is appropriate."

Christin Smith, Petition Organiser for the cause to "Protect Doddis Beach" , 24 Jan 2023

residents attend a Council meeting

City of Mandurah are Listening to Concerns about our Halls Head Beaches and Coastal Erosion

It was a busy week! On the Monday before the Council meeting, about 10 residents met with the City of Mandurah Manager responsible for Natural Environment (including the Coastal areas) and the Environmental Officer.

The purpose of the meeting was for the City of Mandurah to hear directly from Residents about our concerns regarding safety, access, erosion and the deterioration of Robert Point and Doddis Beach.

We appreciated the team is taking the time to get a deeper understanding of the issues here. At the meeting, the Environmental Officer outlined some environmental planning work that has commenced.

Worried About the Deterioration of Robert Point and Blue Bay Beach? Come and Air Your Concerns!

Another meeting between Mandurah residents and the City of Mandurah is planned on site at Doddis Beach for 10 February 2023 and you are invited! It is a great opportunity to have your concerns heard. Please come along. This is your opportunity to be heard.

residents meet at a beach park

City of Mandurah meet with local residents to discuss beach management concerns at Doddis Beach

The Manager for the beach and coastal areas would like to hear your concerns directly about Robert Point and Doddis Beach. It may be related to beach access, erosion, safety, management, sand bypassing, observations about the beach, or any other concern that you have relating to coastline management.

The meeting will be held on: Friday 10th February 2023 at 10.45am at the Robert Point end. Please RSVP via the Contact page. Thanks.

Progress Updates on the Petition to Protect Doddis Beach

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Thankyou to our Mandurah Community and Supporters for the Petition to Protect Doddis Beach

Once again, many thanks to all our volunteers and supporters for the Doddis Beach Petition. We would not have got to this point and to this result without the effort of our whole community.

Feel free to share this post with others and forward it on or reply with any comments or feedback. Thank you!

Helpful Links on Local Coastal Erosion in Western Australia

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