Coastal Shared Path Construction in Halls Head Starting

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One concern that has been raised several times, by our local Halls Head community during the past few months, is the matter of the planned coastal shared path. There has been general disappointment in the lack of progress on the shared path planned along Halls Head Parade, together with no published start date for the project.

The dual path will be aligned along the coastal side of Halls Head Parade starting at Sharland St, adjacent to Robert Point, and travelling southwards to Janis St, south end. Being a shared path, it will cater for both bikes and pedestrians.

Considering this, it was great news to receive a letter last week from the City of Mandurah about the imminent start to the construction of the coastal shared path (see below).

City of Mandurah Letter regarding Coastal Shared Path Construction on Halls Head Parade
Letter from City of Mandurah About Construction of the Coastal Shared Path along Halls Head Parade

Referring to the map below, you can see the route of the coastal shared path (highlighted in yellow). The section to be built will be along Halls Head Parade, from Sharland St to Janis St in the south. Mandurah’s complete Long Term Cycle Network DoT/CoM can be viewed here.

Coastal Shared Path Sharland St to Janis St South
Planned Coastal Shared Path Along Halls Head Parade in Halls Head

The shared path project along Halls Head Parade will take about 4 months to complete and walking and cycling along Halls Head Parade will be so much easier!

This was certainly good news! Thank you City of Mandurah!

Progress at Robert Point and Doddis

This week was quieter down at Doddis but I am assured that the City team responsible for Natural Environment are working hard to address our concerns raised in the recent petition to Protect Doddis Beach. At last week’s meeting, we were told that the team are currently liaising between the relevant City of Mandurah Departments, to get everything in place for the work onsite to begin.

Doddis Beach Community Photo Library

There has been a lot of interest in the library of photos that we have collated for the beach. The collection covers the Blue Bay – Roberts Point, Doddis Beach to Victor Adam stretch of coastline and documents the increasing erosion and changes we are seeing. Please read more about our Doddis Beach Photo Library here.

Pictured is a child playing on exposed rocks at Robert Point with the severely eroded sand dunes along the Halls Head coastline in the background. This photo was taken soon after the severe August 2022 storms.

Learn more about our Doddis Beach Community Photo Library.

Are you interested in Protect Doddis Beach T Shirts and Bumper Stickers?

Protect Doddis Beach logo
Protect Doddis Beach logo designed to raise awareness of local community concerns about coastal erosion and beach safety

As mentioned before, a few people have said that they are keen to get a t-shirt and car bumper stickers with the Protect Doddis Beach logo. (We ditched the idea of bikinis! hehe!)

We would organise these items at cost. The t-shirts will be approx $30 or less and the car stickers will cost $5each.

To estimate the number of t-shirts and car stickers required, if you are interested in either, please reply to this email and tell me what you are interested in and the quantity of each that you would like. We will send out order forms if there is enough interest. Thank you!

Getting a Result for Everyone

While it can be frustrating seeing the beach deteriorate and a fall down in the City’s “business as usual” with general maintenance, jumping up and down rarely helps. For instance, I don’t think Andrew Forest’s outburst this week and reported in The West Australian (Thursday 16th Feb 2023) will have helped his cause! He was speaking about climate change. Referring to “all legislators in the world“, he is quoted as saying: “If they don’t believe the science, then they can just f..k off!”. Good one, Twiggy!

If they don’t believe the science, then they can just f..k off!

Andrew Forest, February 2023

Feel Free to Share This EarthMAD Update, Thankyou!

As you read these updates, please keep in mind friends and family in Mandurah who may like news on what’s happening at Doddis and how the City of Mandurah are tackling coastal erosion hot spots. Many people are curious. Please feel free to share this post and forward it on, or reply back with any comments or feedback to christin at earthmad dot com.

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Thanks to you and to everyone else in our community for your support so far. We have had fabulous messages through email and text, and great contributions to the photos and discussion.

We have to be patient now as preparations for the remedial work are made and the coastal shared path is constructed.

Until our next update, stay well and we will talk soon!

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