Clean Up Day Mandurah

Plenty is happening locally for the annual Clean Up Day in Mandurah this year! The Clean Up event is on Sunday 5 March 2023. Many Clean Up activities are planned, not just for this one day, but also through the whole month of May.

With that in mind, some residents have asked if we will be organising a Clean Up Day along Doddis Beach in Old Halls Head of Mandurah. If anyone from our community would like to join a local Clean Up, please let me know.

If there is enough interest, we can register a Clean Up on Clean Up Australia will provide us with a kit and other materials to run the day. The Clean Up Australia organisation require two weeks to pack and deliver a Clean Up kit to WA. 

Community Clean Up Day Plans for Mandurah

Clean Up Day Activities are Planned in Mandurah during March

Local community groups in the Mandurah area that will be organising Clean Ups include:
  • Friends of Rivers, Peel;
  • Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group (MEHG); and 
  • Peel-Harvey Catchment Council (PHCC). 
If you would like to join one of these Clean-Ups, you will find more details at Clean Up Australia.

To keep up to date with local Clean Up Day activities, keep an eye out for newspaper and online promotions, and social media posts during the month of March 2023.
Be Part of the Solution

Act and Be Part of the Solution

Clean Up Mandurah To Help Our Wildlife

Mandurah is part of the Peel-Harvey Catchment containing internationally recognised wetlands. The wetlands are truly special and are of such great ecological significance that they have been recognised as a Ramsar site.

It goes without saying that any rubbish and litter in our wetlands and waterways is a serious matter. Litter not only affects the health of the Ramsar site, it can also seriously harm our wildlife. The sad story about how Luca the dolphin tragically died from fishing line entanglement is one example of the harm our litter can cause.

By joining together, our community can clean up our special places and clear and reduce the amount of litter that our wildlife are exposed to.  

According to the Peel Harvey Catchment Council, in 2022, volunteers collected 1,900 kilograms (1.9t) of litter and debris through the Clean Up activities in the Mandurah region (Ref: PHCC, 2023). This year's Clean Up Day for Mandurah aims to be even bigger and better.

Read more about how the Clean Up Month activities help make our Mandurah environment a cleaner, safer place for our community and local wildlife at the Peel Harvey Catchment Council.

Clean Up Days Make A Difference

Clean Up Days are a great initiative to bring the community together to act and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. This is not only good for us humans and our local area, but also helps protect wildlife and their habitats. 

It is so important to "walk the talk". By taking practical actions, we can make a difference. Each of us has a role to play, no matter how small we may think that role is. Together, the combined and cumulative effort, can make a massive difference.

This ties in with our philosophy (and EarthMAD acronym) that: Everyone Acting Responsibly Today Helps Make A Difference!

By acting (responsibly) today, we help create a better world for ourselves, our families and future generations.

In other words:

We win! Our families win! And our grandchildren and future generations win! What can be better than that!?

About the Author

Christin Smith's philosophy is that the choices and actions we take today will affect our planet of tomorrow. She developed the EarthMAD acronym to explain the impact we can have when we all act together:
Everyone Acting Responsibly Today Helps Make a Difference, EarthMAD.

The topic of sustainable living is a subject close to Christin’s heart and she has qualifications in geology, natural resources, environmental management, sustainability and education.