Progress Update #5 on Robert Point and Doddis Beach, Mandurah 

A lot has been happening and here’s an update for the week including plans to renourish the sand at Robert Point and along the Doddis Beach foreshore.

Robert Point Priority

There has been some Council activity starting on the ground during the week focused around Robert Point, in response to some of the maintenance concerns raised in the Petition and through the Resident meeting.

Specifically, the City’s Department for Natural Environment advised:
You may have noticed some activity down there. Some of those actions underway include:

    • Removal of the sign at the end of the platform area stating Council are extending the boardwalk;

    • Wheel stops are being arranged for the carpark bays on the beachside;

    • Temporary barrier to where the eroded access way has caused a drop; and

    • Renourishment at Robert Point being arranged.

No doubt, like me, you will all be very happy to see this work happening on the ground directly in response to our concerns. We are being heard! Thank you City of Mandurah!

Eroding dune and beach sands cover the stair access way at Robert Point, late Oct 2022

Erosion visible from Robert Point lookout platform, late October 2022

Keep Left Sign on Halls Head Parade

Early in the week, we saw the KEEP LEFT sign erected on the slow down curve near Sharland Street. I was really pleased to see that sign installed as so many people had raised the lack of signage on the traffic island as a safety concern. It may look like a small thing but this one improvement could save a life.

New Keep Left sign on Halls Head Parade near Waterline Apartments

Robert Point in the Spotlight – More Work to Start Soon

Yesterday, I met with the Environmental Officer for the City of Mandurah, for a quick walk around and look at the access ways from Robert Point to Blue Bay Beach. She has begun planning and work will commence soon on sand nourishment, dune stabilisation (along the carpark), a new stair case and more. Keep an eye out for activity and watch this space for updates as they are received.

Request for Photos of Our Local Mandurah Beaches and Dunes

We are building up a community library of photos which will be very useful in explaining the concerns and the deterioration that we are seeing on our beaches. In particular, if you have photos of the damage to the access points between Robert Point and Blue Bay, from last year’s August storm, we would be very grateful to receive them. Good resolution is preferred if possible and photos can be uploaded direct to Google Drive, put on USB (which will be returned), text or emailed (perhaps one at a time)! Please contact me for the link to Google Drive. Thank you!

Community Belonging in Mandurah

There have been requests for small stickers, bin stickers, and t-shirts printed with the Protect Doddis Beach logo, as designed below.

Logo and tagline designed to raise local awareness to the issues relating to the deterioration of Doddis Beach and Robert Point. Logo is in yellow and marine blue with two seagull icons and the words: Protect Doddis Beach
Protect Doddis Beach is the tagline for the petition about coastal erosion and safe access to Mandurah beaches

It would be great to make these items available to our community because it would not only help to promote our cause but it would also create a sense of community belonging. To those that have been asking, at this time I don’t have a Donation link but I will look into it with the idea that donations would go towards these items and organising community activities for the protection and conservation of Roberts Point and Doddis Beach.

Please Spread the Word, Protect Doddis Beach

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Heartfelt Messages from our Local Community

Spam filters are so good these days, quite a few emails end up there, even mine! I checked my spam folder today and found a treasure trove of lovely thankyou messages from our community and even a query as to whether we have a Donate link. It was a big surprise! So, if you know anyone who subscribed for this newsletter and is wondering why they haven’t heard from me, please ask them to check their JUNK folder!!

Until our next update, stay well and we will talk soon!

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