Progress Update #3 on Doddis Beach Petition

Residents were rushing to sign the petition before it closed!

Today we finished our last stint down at the beach and boy, did we get a rush of people keen to sign the petition before it closed! It was so great to see!

Concerned residents in Halls Head signing Protect Doddis Beach petition, pointing to the beach and discussing the changes to Doddis Beach and Robert Point
Mandurah Residents rushing to sign the Protect Doddis Beach petition, opposite Tods Cafe in Halls Head

There’s still time for family, friends and neighbours to sign – online! The online petition closes midnight and, if you haven’t already, please share by forwarding this email or sharing this link:


Save the Date. Protect Doddis Beach.

We will be presenting the petition on
 Tuesday 24th.
Meet at 5.15pm outside Council Chambers 
for 5.30pm meeting

Please attend. You being there shows we care about our beach and are concerned. 

Are we Mad at EarthMAD?

hehe… .maybe a little! This petition aligns with my #EarthMAD motto – Everyone Acting Responsibly Today Helps Make a Difference. By supporting the petition, you are taking a steps to make a difference. Follow @earthmadd on socials. Thankyou!

Thankyou to our Many Mandurah Supporters and Volunteers

Many thanks to all our volunteers and supporters who went around with petition forms and especially to Pamela for all her help at the petition stand collecting signatures for so many days, Tom Esze for for talking to beach walkers and swimmers, Claire Foote for putting petition forms in her Claire Hair Organic Hair Salon, Heather from @waveheartcreative for our sticker design and beach sign artwork, Melissa G for helping get the word out there, people bringing their friends, and many, many others. 

Thank you to you all for your words of encouragement, waves, and toots. We really appreciated it!

In Case You Missed the News!

We got a mention in The West Australian, pg 8, 19th January 2023. The headline makes me smile because Pamela had a funny reply to some passerbys.  When we were asked what we were about, she would reply: “We’re holding back the sea!” 

We also had articles in the Mandurah Mail (pg 7, Thurs 12 Jan 2023) and The Coastal Times (pg 7, Wed 18 Jan 2023) and an article about the petition and coastal erosion at Doddis Beach was published on the Perth Now website.

It’s great to get the attention as the publicity draws awareness to our concerns about Doddis and, hopefully, will get some action and results 

It’s all about the WHY!

Check out the reasons for signing the petition and you will see why this petition to Protect Doddis Beach resonates with people. There are a wide variety of people concerned about the beach degradation and coastal erosion at Robert Point. Many live in our own Mandurah community, others are long time visitors to the area, having holidayed to our beaches as a child, or else visit here when seeing family and friends in Mandurah.

Helpful Links

Online Petition at – Protect Doddis Beach.

CHRMAP – Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan

Feel free to share this website with others and forward it on or reply with any comments or feedback to christin at . Thankyou!

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 5.15pm! <img draggable=” /><img draggable=” />

About the Author

Christin Smith's philosophy is that the choices and actions we take today will affect our planet of tomorrow. She developed the EarthMAD acronym to explain the impact we can have when we all act together:
Everyone Acting Responsibly Today Helps Make a Difference, EarthMAD.

The topic of sustainable living is a subject close to Christin’s heart and she has qualifications in geology, natural resources, environmental management, sustainability and education.