Community Petition about Impact of Coastal Erosion on Doddis Beach

Petition to Protect Halls Head Beaches - Progress Update #1

Updated February 20, 2023

The community response to the petition on the impact of coastal erosion on Doddis Beach through Christmas 2022 and New Year has been tremendous. Over the period, we continued to collect signatures from people using the beach, picnic areas, and amenities along Robert Point - Doddis Beach - Victor Adam. To date, almost 500 signatures have been collected and that number is steadily growing! 

This support demonstrates a real community concern about increasing coastal erosion and degradation to the Robert Point and Doddis Beach area in Halls Head.

Online, we have a good start to the digital petition and we will rally to get more signatures. As support increases on, the petition will be get more visibility. Please continue to share our link and we encourage you to use Mandurah post codes when signing the online version, as Council will be looking for these signatures, in particular.


Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

Helen Keller


collecting petition signatures

Christin Smith (right) with another local resident, Pamela, collecting signatures for the petition on coastal erosion and degradation of Robert Point and Doddis Beach

Mandurah Council Response

The Council has responded to our concerns about Robert Point and Doddis Beach with some work on the beach in recent days. During the week, a front end loader moved seaweed from the vacation swim area up to the eroded access ways on Robert Point. 

We've also received an email from the Council and will be organising to meet with the Executive Manager Natural Environment, and a few members of the Council team responsible for the beach management, about our concerns and your feedback very soon.

Presentation of Doddis Beach Petition

We are planning to present the petition about Doddis Beach and Robert Point to City of Mandurah Councillors at the next Council meeting on January 24th 2023. The meeting is scheduled for 5.30pm at Council Chambers. Councillor Ryan Burns will present the petition and the meeting is open to the public.

Please attend and support Cr Burns presentation to show Councillors the strong interest and concern about Robert Point - Doddis Beach.

If there are any changes to this date, we will advise by email. Click here to subscribe to our cause and join 225 other local residents staying up to date with news on Doddis Beach and Robert Point. 

boy on beach looking out to sea

Where did Doddis Beach go?

Progress Updates on the Petition to Protect Doddis Beach

To read following updates on the progress with our cause to Protect Doddis Beach from coastal erosion and potential degradation from sand bypassing operations, please visit these pages:

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Please Share Our Cause to Protect Doddis Beach from Coastal Erosion

Feel free to share this post and our cause to Protect Doddis Beach with others living locally in Mandurah or those concerned about local coastal erosion and the deterioration of our beaches. If you would like to keep up to date with our progress, please subscribe direct to our Doddis Beach Newsletter.

Thankyou for your support.

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If you have any ideas or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you again for your support and messages of encouragement.